Our call to action

Help us send heaps of good wishes to the kids at Starship this summer. Just choose a star, write a message of support for the children, and make a donation to our Starship Level 6 Appeal. We’ll hang your star up at Starship to spread our good energy around the hospital!

How it works 

1.     Choose your star
Tell us who you are by logging in with Facebook or entering a few details. Then choose your favourite star from our series of Kiwi classics!

2.     Write a special message
Send a few words of support to the kids at Starship (or a particular child if you know of one there)

3.     Decide how much you’d like to donate
The more you give, the brighter your star will shine! You can pay by credit card or by adding it to your Mercury bill

4.     Share your star and message
Tell your friends and family about Stars for Starship and invite them to buy a star too so we can spread as much good energy as possible!

5.     We’ll hang your star at Starship
Each star and its message will be printed and displayed at Starship for the children, their families and the staff to enjoy this summer